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21 July 2020
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Global burden of 5 major types of gastrointestinal cancer

A new study by scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and partners presents a comprehensive analysis of the global burden of gastrointestinal cancers and outlines strategies to control these malignancies.

Gastrointestinal cancers account for 26% of the global cancer incidence burden and 35% of all cancer-related deaths; in 2018, there were an estimated 4.8 million new cases and 3.4 million related deaths worldwide. The researchers analysed patterns and trends in the incidence of and mortality from cancers of the oesophagus, stomach, colorectum, liver, and pancreas.

The report, published in Gastroenterology, shows that although the incidence of some types of gastrointestinal cancer has decreased, this group of malignancies continues to pose major challenges to public health. Primary and secondary prevention measures remain key; strategies to control these malignancies include reducing tobacco use and alcohol consumption, controlling obesity, immunizing populations against hepatitis B virus infection, and screening for colorectal cancer.

Arnold M, Abnet CC, Neale RE, Vignat J, Giovannucci EL, McGlynn KA, et al.
Global burden of 5 major types of gastrointestinal cancer
Gastroenterology, 159(1):335–349.e15;

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