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IARC Cross-Cutting Working Group on Cancer Prevention Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT WG)

The IARC Cross-Cutting Working Group on Cancer Prevention Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT WG) was created in 2020. The vision of the KTT WG is to build bridges so that the scientific knowledge produced by IARC and its collaborators reaches important decision-makers in cancer prevention.

The aim of the KTT WG is to translate and disseminate the evidence produced by IARC on cancer prevention to a specific audience for its benefit and use.

The KTT WG is made up of a dynamic interdisciplinary group of scientists and experts in strategy and communication, who catalyse efforts and stimulate cross-Agency synergies to reach the target audience. The KTT WG is composed of two types of members:

Core members
  • Continuous commitment
  • Function: decision-making, design and development of the initiative, dissemination and evaluation of impact activities, strategic advice, peer-reviewing materials produced by other scientists, etc.

Current members
Chair and focal point: Carolina Espina (ENV) (EspinaC@iarc.who.int)
Michele Matta (ENV), Florence Guida (ENV), Erica D’Souza (ENV), Clément Chauvet (DIR), Véronique Terrasse (DIR), Karen Müller (SSR/PLW), Mary Luz Rol (EPR), Anouk Berger (LCB)

Past members
Teresa Lee (SSR/PLW), Anna Schmutz (SSR/BFO)

Rotating members
  • Dynamic commitment as per topic
  • Scientists (staff or Early Career/Visiting Scientists)
  • Function: involvement in the production of the materials related to a selected topic

Current members
Florence Guida (ENV), Valerie McCormack (ENV)

Past members
Inge Huybrechts (NME), Marc Gunter (NME), Florence Le Calvez-Kelm (GEM)

Download the Terms of Reference of the KTT WG

To date, the KTT WG has produced four IARC Evidence Summary Briefs for stakeholders, on:

  • Breast Cancer Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Nutri-Score: A Science-Based Front-of-Pack Nutrition Label
  • Improving Early Detection and Clinical Management of Bladder Cancer
  • Protection from a Single Dose of HPV Vaccine
  • Maternal Orphans due to Cancer (coming soon)


The production of the Evidence Summary Briefs follows this process:

An Editorial Board will be set up, to select the topics of the next Evidence Summary Briefs from a list of identified candidate topics and to serve as a checkpoint for potentially sensitive issues related to some of the selected topics.

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