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8 September 2023
Childhood cancer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2023

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is marking Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2023 with a series of posts highlighting some of the different research projects IARC is undertaking with the goals of better understanding how cancer develops in children and improving the measurement of the global burden of childhood cancer.

These posts will focus on research examining the effect of diets of mothers and children on a child’s risk of developing cancer, the financial difficulties experienced by families of children with cancer, and how the increasing numbers of survivors of childhood cancer need to be estimated to enable health-care systems to meet service requirements.

To learn more about IARC’s research targeting childhood cancer, visit the IARC website regularly during September, or subscribe to the IARC social media channels to view all the updates marking Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2023.

Visit the IARC Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2023 webpage
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Publication date: 8 September, 2023, 8:09

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