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Methodological Innovations Teams
Population-Based Long-Term Surveillance Team (LTS): an international Team (IARC–Japan)

Starting date: January 2022

Work Programme

The aim of the Population-Based Long-Term Surveillance Team (LTS) is to establish a long-term follow-up research platform to:

  • gather evidence about improved prognosis for cancer survivors;
  • identify associations between lifestyle risk factors and cancer diagnosis, prognosis, survival, treatment, and/or quality of life after diagnosis; and
  • build a platform for research on cancer survivors using data from cancer registries.

This research is based mainly on two existing cohorts, with new resources to be developed:

The Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study (JPHC) cohort

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) cohort

Team Composition

Team Leader: Dr Norie Sawada, Senior Visiting Scientist, Nutrition and Metabolism Branch (NME), IARC
Division of Cohort Research, National Cancer Center Institute for Cancer Control (NCCICC), Tokyo, Japan
Email: nsawada@ncc.go.jp

Team members:
Dr Marc Gunter (Branch Head, NME; Visiting Scientist, NCC Japan)
Dr Tomohiro Matsuda (Senior Visiting Scientist, CSU; Division of International Health Policy Research, NCCICC, Japan) (tomatsud@ncc.go.jp)
Dr Hadrien Charvat (Visiting Scientist, CSU; NCC Japan) (chadrien@ncc.go.jp)
Dr Rieko Kanehara (Scientist, NCC Japan) (from April 2022) (rkanehar@ncc.go.jp)
Dr Neil Murphy (Scientist, NME)
Dr Inge Huybrechts (Scientist, NME)
Dr Pietro Ferrari (Deputy Branch Head, NME)
Dr Heinz Freisling (Scientist, NME)
Dr Isabelle Soerjomataram (Deputy Branch Head, CSU)
Dr Melina Arnold (Scientist, CSU; Visiting Scientist, NCC Japan)



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