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Section of Genetics

Genetic Epidemiology Group


The primary objectives of GEP include the following:

  • to identify novel cancer predisposition genes through large-scale case-control studies of selected cancers and to determine how specific genes may interact with known or suspected lifestyle-related or environmental exposures;

  • to evaluate the causal pathways by which known or suspected lifestyle-related risk factors may influence cancer incidence and outcome;

  • to investigate how genomic markers may contribute to the early detection of disease;

  • to determine whether germline or somatic (i.e. tumour) variants implicate lifestyle-related causes of cancer or are associated with clinical outcome;

  • to evaluate how lifestyle-related risk factors influence the somatic mutation profile of specific cancer types, as well as their clinical outcome; and

  • to develop, maintain, and coordinate large-scale international case-control and cohort studies, along with international consortia, in order to facilitate international genetic epidemiology research


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