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Office of the Director

The Director of IARC is responsible for the overall leadership of the Agency, for the development of the Agency’s scientific strategy, and for communicating with the IARC Participating States. The Director reports to the IARC Governing Council and is elected for a period of five years. The Director’s Office coordinates the implementation of IARC’s strategic research priorities by supporting the establishment and development of research programmes across the Agency.

The Director’s Office is responsible for strengthening and expanding relationships with its network of collaborators, with governmental and nongovernmental partners, and with funding agencies, in order to influence the development of cancer control policy by providing a reliable evidence base. IARC has strengthened its cooperation with WHO headquarters on specific WHO global initiatives in cancer, and works with WHO regional offices, as well as with current and potential IARC Participating States.

The Director’s Office is composed of a team that provides scientific and administrative support, as well as expertise in bioethics and compliance, strategic engagement, resource mobilization, and external relations.

Office of the Director
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