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Strategic Engagement and External Relations

The aim of the Strategic Engagement and External Relations team is to design and implement the Agency’s communication and resource mobilization strategies. The team works to position IARC as the world’s leading cancer prevention research agency. It also explores novel and creative fundraising approaches for IARC’s flagship projects and promotes coherent resource mobilization and partnership-building efforts across the Agency, with the objective of broadening and diversifying IARC’s funder base, while ensuring the Agency’s independence and freedom from conflict of interest though compliance with the WHO Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA).


The IARC Communications team is part of the Strategic Engagement and External Relations team. IARC aims to raise awareness of its research on cancer prevention among all stakeholders: the scientific community, governments, public health decision-makers, cancer research entities, the general public, and the media.

The Communications team prepares regular news items for publication on the IARC website, prepares press releases, and organizes press conferences about key scientific results when relevant. The team also produces videos, animations, and infographics, which are disseminated through IARC’s social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube) to increasingly reach and engage all audiences. Major events are promoted through coordinated multimedia communications packages. The Communications team also supports IARC resource mobilization initiatives, including through video interviews and photographs.

The Communications team maintains and updates IARC’s database of media contacts around the world, which enables precise targeting of content: complex scientific topics are pitched to scientific media or journals, and less technical topics are shared with general news media.

The Communications team coordinates closely with the WHO Department of Communications at all levels, with regular meetings, increased coordination on social media, sharing information, defining joint messages, and sharing communications materials.


Strategic Engagement and External Relations
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