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16 March 2012

The Interphone Study

The Interphone study - a set of multi-national case–control studies coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, focusing on the possible relationship between radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as emitted during the use of mobile phones and the risk of four types of tumours of the head and neck region, namely brain tumours (glioma and meningioma), acoustic neurinoma and parotid gland tumours – has now been formally completed, with the main scientific publications in 2010 and 2011 and the final report made public today. The international study group continues working together using the study base to identify other possible risk factors for those tumours, including some lifestyle factors, occupational exposures, medical conditions and examinations, or certain environmental exposures.
More details and the final report on mobile phones can be found here.
Link to The Interphone Study website
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Publication date: 16 March, 2012, 0:00

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