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20 September 2019

Terry Fox Foundation provides crucial support to IARC Fellowship Programme

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is pleased to announce that a postdoctoral scientist from Brazil has been awarded an IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship. Thanks to financial support from the Terry Fox Foundation, Dr Ricardo Cortez Cardoso Penha will join the Mutographs project at IARC to work on mutational signature analysis and prognostic factors.

Within the IARC Fellowship Programme, postdoctoral scientists from low- and middle-income countries are trained in key areas of cancer research. Fellowships are tenable within IARC’s research groups. In March 2019, 11 promising young scientists from low- and middle-income countries were recommended for two-year IARC Postdoctoral Fellowships. Six Fellowships are being supported from the IARC budget, and the Agency has recently signed an agreement with the Terry Fox Foundation to help support an outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow from Brazil.

The training of young scientists plays an important role in strengthening the capacity of countries in the fight against cancer. Financial support from donors such as the Terry Fox Foundation is vital to increase the number of postdoctoral scientists who can benefit from the IARC Fellowship Programme, and ultimately to boost the impact on research capacity in countries worldwide.

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