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22 August 2019

New IARC study provides insights into the characteristics of pulmonary carcinoids and identifies a new subtype, called supra-carcinoids

A new study on pulmonary carcinoids, a rare, understudied type of lung cancer that so far does not seem to be related to smoking, has been published in the journal Nature Communications. Led by scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and partners, the study identified an aggressive new subtype of pulmonary carcinoids, called supra-carcinoids.

Alcala N, Leblay N, Gabriel AAG, Mangiante L, Hervas D, Giffon T, et al.
Integrative and comparative genomic analyses identify clinically relevant pulmonary carcinoid groups and unveil the supra-carcinoids.
Nat Commun. Published online 20 August 2019;

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Publication date: 22 August, 2019, 0:26

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