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2 January 2023

IARC to coordinate production of a risk assessment on 5G exposures as part of the EU-funded SEAWave project

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is participating in a new project called Scientific-Based Exposure and Risk Assessment of Radiofrequency and Millimetre-Wave Systems (SEAWave). The project is funded by the European Union (EU) Horizon Europe programme.

Over the past four decades, more and more wireless applications have emerged, such as mobile phones and computer communications. These devices use wireless technologies that are continually evolving, which makes it difficult to keep abreast of changing exposure patterns to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) in populations.

Exposures and risks associated with RF EMF have been investigated in research efforts worldwide, and there are now more than 5000 publications on bioelectromagnetic effects in the frequency range of mobile communication below 6 GHz, including reviews.

The newest mobile technology, which is the focus of the SEAWave project, is fifth-generation mobile technology (5G). IARC is one of 16 consortia partners in SEAWave, which aims to identify differences in exposure patterns between 5G and earlier mobile technologies, such as 2G–4G. SEAWave will also develop tools and instrumentation for reliable evaluation of exposure, conduct experimental studies (in vitro, animal, and human studies) on potential cancer risks, and develop effective health risk communication materials for stakeholders.

IARC will play a critical role in the later stages of the project by coordinating a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s experimental studies and a review of the latest literature on millimetre-wave frequencies and health effects. In 2025, IARC will convene a workshop for the project partners, which will result in a risk assessment on 5G exposures.

Visit the SEAWave project website

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