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8 March 2023

IARC marks International Women’s Day 2023

In new videos to mark International Women’s Day, Dr Shama Virani, a scientist in the Genomic Epidemiology Branch at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and Ms Emma Fontvieille, a doctoral student in the Nutrition and Metabolism Branch at IARC, speak about some of the issues faced by women in science.

Dr Virani highlights how the intersectionality of each woman’s background and experience determines the unique set of biases that she must confront and overcome in her career. Dr Virani also discusses the role of mentors and describes changes that she has seen in the field.

Ms Fontvieille notes factors that can discourage younger women as they contemplate a career in research. She also comments on the progress that has been made, the work that remains to be done, and some of the elements that will be needed to bring about a more equitable research environment.

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Publication date: 8 March, 2023, 0:52

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