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25 May 2022

IARC and Cancer Prevention Europe launch learning-programme certification and French version to mark European Week Against Cancer 2022

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) have launched the French version of the CPE self-paced online learning programme to mark European Week Against Cancer 2022. CPE has also recently added an evaluation component (available in both English and French), which includes surveys and a quiz, enabling those enrolled in the programme to earn a certificate of completion issued jointly by IARC and CPE.

The CPE online learning programme, originally launched in English in April 2021, will soon also be available in Hungarian, Spanish, and Polish, enabling a wider audience to gain knowledge of primary and secondary prevention of cancer, the European Code Against Cancer 4th edition, and the latest evidence and myths related to cancer prevention.

This multilingual programme is designed to meet the information needs of cancer prevention promoters and advocates. The programme consists of two sets of free, self-paced, online learning modules:

The learning materials hosted on the CPE Learning Centre have been developed by leading experts in cancer prevention and are aimed at anyone working in or with an interest in cancer prevention and health promotion, such as staff members of cancer leagues, health promoters, cancer prevention advocates, researchers, medical and public health students, and health-care professionals.

All materials are freely available and can be accessed using a computer or a smart mobile telephone.

Visit the Cancer Prevention Europe Learning Centre

Access the IARC learning platform

Contact the Cancer Prevention Europe secretariat for access to the “Multilingual self-paced online learning programme and evaluation release Communication Toolkit” for social media cards, further information, or with suggestions related to the dissemination of the online programme or its content.

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