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11 November 2021

Cancer Prevention Europe launches second part of multilingual learning programme on cancer prevention

Cancer Prevention Europe has launched the second part of its multilingual online learning programme on cancer prevention. The launch was announced in a new video during the 14th European Public Health Conference. Cancer Prevention Europe is a consortium of organizations coordinated by researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Its aim is to reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer in European populations through prevention and earlier diagnosis of the disease.

The second set of modules presents some of the latest evidence on cancer prevention that has emerged since the 4th edition of the European Code Against Cancer was published in 2014, and tackles some myths and controversies related to primary and secondary prevention of cancer. This new course complements the first set of 13 modules, which was launched in April 2021, on the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition.

The new modules are part of a comprehensive online learning curriculum on primary and secondary prevention of cancer for cancer prevention advocates and health promoters. The modules are hosted on the IARC Learning portal.

Watch the launch video


Access the Cancer Prevention Europe Learning Centre

Visit the European Code Against Cancer website 


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