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The annual Science and Wireless series hosts IARC scientist.

The annual Science & Wireless series, held in Australia, provides an opportunity for researchers, regulators, industry specialists and members of the community to meet and discuss topical issues in a public forum.

In November 2011 the event was organised by Professor Andrew Wood and Adjunct Professor Ray Kemp of the Brain and Psychological Sciences Centre (BPsyC) of Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorne, Melbourne. It provided an opportunity to consider the implications of the International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC)’s recent classification of Radiofrequency (RF) as 2B – ‘possibly carcinogenic’.

The keynote speaker was Dr Robert Baan from IARC. Dr Baan was the officer in charge of the development of Monograph 102 on Radiofrequency (RF) Electromagnetic Fields.

Contributors include Professor Malcolm Sim, from the Monash University Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine and member of the IARC panel, Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson and Lindsay Martin of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and Leigh Dayton, science writer for the national newspaper The Australian, to provide an epidemiologist’s, a regulator’s, and a science communicator’s point of view. A panel session was facilitated by leading international risk perception analyst Professor Ray Kemp.

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