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Statement on the distribution of embargoed material prior to the publication of the Interphone study paper

Further to the joint IARC/UICC/CREAL statement issued simultaneously on 28 May 2009 concerning the submission of the Interphone study paper, this is to clarify the respective responsibilities in terms of communication of embargoed material to non-media interested parties.

As no single organization involved in the Interphone study has the adequate resources to organize and conduct such a complex exercise toward non-media interested parties, in an exhaustive and systematic fashion, it was decided by the Interphone Study Group, and in conformity with the Study Protocol, that the IARC Communications Group, jointly with CREAL and UICC, will communicate with international partners, including the European Commission and the World Health Organization, a maximum of 7 days ahead of publication, under embargo conditions. Communication with national interested parties will be the responsibility of the national principal investigators. These interested parties should contact the respective national scientists for more detail.