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IARC operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

All IARC operations are continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic, except for laboratory experiments. Because access to the IARC headquarters buildings in Lyon is restricted, nearly all IARC personnel have been working remotely since Monday 16 March, to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). IARC’s remote working measures are in place until Monday 11 May and may be extended following the guidance of the French authorities. The measures are under continuous review in light of the evolving situation.

Most meetings and all non-critical travel are postponed until further notice. Videoconferencing tools are being used to maintain regular communication with IARC’s collaborators worldwide, in order for the Agency to deliver on its mandate.

Precautionary measures have been taken in line with recommendations from the French authorities on physical distancing. More details can be found here.

IARC response capacity for cancer research during the COVID-19 pandemic

IARC is continuing its usual activities, which are entirely focused on cancer research for cancer prevention.

Members of the public who are looking for information on COVID-19 and cancer are advised to rely on authoritative guidance from national cancer agencies.

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