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Childhood cancer

International Childhood Cancer Day 2021: Targeting Childhood Cancer through the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (ChildGICR)

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What is IARC’s role in the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has strong ties with the World Health Organization (WHO) in this initiative and other global campaigns. IARC supports the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer by providing data on the burden of childhood cancer and by assisting with local initiatives to set up and improve the information systems that are needed to improve survival of children with cancer, especially in countries with limited resources.

What are the research priorities in terms of childhood cancer?

Cancer is rare in childhood. Cancers in children are very different from cancers that occur in adults. The risk factors are likely to differ, too. All of these characteristics mean that childhood cancers need specific research. IARC is working in several areas. We develop cancer registration methods and international standards. We evaluate the impact of the disease on health and on the finances of the affected families. We investigate potential risk factors and build research capacity.

How will IARC’s partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital help to meet the urgent need to address childhood cancer?

Reducing the burden of cancer in children is the shared goal of both partners. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a leading cancer treatment centre, with an established network of many dedicated collaborators who care about the young patients. To help those patients, more research is needed, and research is based on data. IARC is an authoritative provider of data on cancer, as mandated by WHO. Over the past five decades, we have been working with all cancer registries around the world. We rely on their collaboration. The data from cancer registries are precious, because they provide information that helps in planning care, identifying gaps, and reporting success. By combining our expertise and resources, IARC and St. Jude will outline clearer aims, focus our activities, and act faster, to the benefit of children worldwide.


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