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Learning and Capacity-Building Branch (LCB)


Some of the major areas of activity of LCB are the following.

Capacity-building is an Agency-wide goal, which is at the heart of IARC’s mission. Research branches play a key role – for example, in courses through collaborative research projects, dedicated capacity-building programmes, supervision of students and postdoctoral scientists, and by serving as faculty for IARC courses – often together with the help of the Services to Science and Research Branch (SSR).

In this framework, LCB is a dedicated platform for coordination and support, leading a portfolio of projects, developing partnerships, and providing support within the following two programmes:

  • IARC Research Training and Fellowship Programme: Provision of mentored training to researchers at different levels of their career, through collaborative research projects, exposure to field studies, and laboratory work.
  • IARC Courses Programme: Contribution to lifelong learning of researchers and professionals worldwide through IARC courses and learning material.

The range of activities varies according to projects: strategic and policy directions, development of partnerships and funding, administration of the stays of early career scientists, management of internal courses, development of the IARC eLearning infrastructure, management and organization of events such as the IARC Summer School, dedicated training project management for specific projects, support to research branches, and so on.


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Learning and Capacity-Building
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