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Jiri Zavadil Deputy Branch Head
Epigenomics and Mechanisms

Speciality: Molecular biology, cancer genomics, mechanisms of tumorigenesis
Year Degree Major Institution Country/Town
1998 PhD Biomedicine & Molecular Genetics Charles University Czech Republic / Prague
Current Research Projects

Toxicogenomics of cancer risk agents in experimental models
Collaborators: SG Rozen, LB Alexandrov, S Balbo, RJ Turesky, S Hecht, D Phillips, M Stratton, MM Stampfer, R Herbert, FA Beland, D Mandrioli, M Dusinska, L Sancey, B Busser

Molecular epidemiology of human cancer
Collaborators: B Fervers, B Charbotel, AP Grollman, K Dickman, J Nortier, B Jelakovic, SG Rozen, K Smits, L Schouten, S De Saeger, M De Boevre, Valerie McCormack, J Schuz

Genome topography determinants of cell immortalization and transformation
Collaborators: LB Alexandrov, SG Rozen, E Mathe, T Stopka, MM Stampfer, Z Herceg

Selected Publications

Zhivagui M, Ng AWT, Ardin M, Churchwell MI, Pandey M, Renard C, Villar S, Cahais V, Robitaille A, Bouaoun L, Heguy A, Guyton KZ, Stampfer MR, McKay J, Hollstein M, Olivier M, Rozen SG, Beland FA, Korenjak M, and Zavadil J, Experimental and pan-cancer genome analyses reveal widespread contribution of acrylamide exposure to carcinogenesis in humans. (2019) GENOME RES. 29(4): 521-531.

Huang MN, Yu W, Teoh WW, Ardin M, Jusakul A, Ng AWT, Boot A, Abedi-Ardekani B, Villar S, Myint SS, Othman R, Poon SL, Heguy A, Olivier M, Hollstein M, Tan P, Teh BT, Sabapathy K, Zavadil J, Rozen SG. Genome-scale mutational signatures of aflatoxin in cells, mice, and human tumors. (2017) GENOME RES. 27(9): 1475-1486.

Huskova H, Ardin M, Weninger A, Vargova K, Barrin S, Villar S, Olivier M, Stopka T, Herceg Z, Hollstein M, Zavadil J, Korenjak M. Modeling cancer driver events in vitro using barrier bypass-clonal expansion assays and massively parallel sequencing. (2017) ONCOGENE. 36(43): 6041-6048.

Hollstein M, Alexandrov LB, Wild CP, Ardin M, Zavadil J. Base changes in tumour DNA have the power to reveal the causes and evolution of cancer. (2017) ONCOGENE. 36(2):158-67.

Jelaković B, Castells X, Tomić K, Ardin M, Karanović S, Zavadil J. Renal cell carcinomas of chronic kidney disease patients harbor the mutational signature of carcinogenic aristolochic acid. (2015) INT J CANCER. 136(12): 2967-72.

Scientific Societies Membership

EMGS - Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society

AACR - American Society for Cancer Research

EACR - European Association for Cancer Research

Prizes, Honours

American Association for Cancer Research-Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research Fellowship in Basic Research.

AACR-AFLAC Incorporated Scholar in Training Award for the American Association for Cancer Research 94th Annual Meeting.
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Publication date: 19 July, 2018, 11:25

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