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Isabelle Deltour Scientist
Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology

Speciality: Radiation Epidemiologist
Year Degree Major Institution Country/Town
1999 PhD Biostatistics- Public Health Université Paris XI France / Paris
1997 Degree Biomedical training Université Paris XI France / Paris
1994 Master degree Public Health, Biostatistics Université Paris XI France / Paris
Current Research Projects

Cancer risk in adulthood following in utero exposure to ionising radiation in the Southern Urals populations
Isabelle Deltour, Joachim Schüz

A prospective cohort study of mobile phone users and health: Cosmos – feasibility in France
Isabelle Deltour, Joachim Schüz

Loud noise and Acoustic Neuromas
Isabelle Deltour, Joachim Schüz, Ausrele Kesminiene

Descriptive epidemiology of gliomas in Nordic countries
Isabelle Deltour, Hiroko Ohgaki, Joachim Schüz,

Selected Publications

Deltour I, Auvinen A, Feychting M, Johansen C, Klaeboe L, Sankila R, Schüz J (2012) Mobile Phone Use and Incidence of Glioma in the Nordic Countries 1979-2008: Consistency Check Epidemiology 23(2) : 301-307

Cardis E, Varsier N, Bowman JD, Deltour I, Figuerola J, Mann S, Moissonnier M, Taki M, Vecchia P., Villegas R, Vrijheid M., Wake K, Wiart J (2011) Estimation of RF energy absorbed in the brain from mobile phones in the Interphone study Occup Environ Med 68(9) : 686-93

Deltour I, Wiart J, Taki M, Wake K, Varsier N, Mann S, Schüz J, Cardis E (2011) Analysis of 3-dimensional SAR distributions emitted by mobile phones in an epidemiological perspective Bioelectromagnetics 32(8) : 634-43

Høybye MT, Oksbjerg Dalton S, Deltour I, Envold Bidstrup P, Frederiksen K, Johansen C, (2010) Effect of Internet peer-support groups on psychosocial adjustment to cancer. A randomized study. Br J Cancer. 102(9) : 1348-54

Deltour I, Johansen C, Auvinen A, Feychting M, Klaeboe L, Schüz J. (2009) Time trends in brain tumor incidence rates in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, 1974-2003 J Natl Cancer Inst. 101(24) : 1721-4.

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Bioelectromagnetic Society

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