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Catherine Sauvaget Scientist
Early Detection Prevention and Infections

Speciality: Epidemiology
Year Degree Major Institution Country/Town
1998 PhD Epidemiology Tohoku University Japan / Sendai
1992 MD Medecine Rennes University France / Rennes
Current Research Projects

Implementation of colorectal cancer screening demonstration projects in several settings

Intervention through choice of screening kit delivery to improve participation to colorectal cancer screening

Systematic review and meta-analysis of cervical cancer screening and treatment of precancerous lesions

Determinants of delayed referral at the oncology centre and late stage at diagnosis

Selected Publications

Utada M, Chernyavskiy P, Lee WJ, Franceschi S, Sauvaget C, de Gonzalez AB, Withrow DR. Increasing risk of uterine cervical cancer among young Japanese women: Comparison of incidence trends in Japan, South Korea and Japanese-Americans between 1985 and 2012. Int J Cancer 2019;144(9) 2144-2152.

Randall TC, Sauvaget C, Muwonge R, Trimble EL, Jeronimo J. Worthy of further consideration: An updated meta-analysis to address the feasibility, acceptability, safety and efficacy of thermal ablation in the treatment of cervical cancer precursor lesions. Prev Med 2019;118 81-91.

Konno R, Konishi H, Sauvaget C, Ohashi Y, Kakizoe T. Effectiveness of HPV vaccination against high grade cervical lesions in Japan. Vaccine 2018;36(52) 7913-7915.

Subramanian S, Sauvaget C. Cervical cancer in the US and Japan: We need better implementation of the evidence-base along the continuum of care. J Can Policy 2018;15 29-31.

Sauvaget C, Nishino Y, Konno R, Tase T, Morimoto T, Hisamichi S. Challenges in breast and cervical cancer control in Japan. Lancet Oncol 2016;17(7) e305-12.

Scientific Societies Membership

Japanese Epidemiology Association

International Epidemiology Association

Association des Epidémiologistes de Langue Française

Prizes, Honours

Fellowship from the Japanese Ministry of Education
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Publication date: 19 July, 2018, 11:21

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