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25 May 2023

IARC marks European Week Against Cancer by expanding multilingual learning programme

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) marks European Week Against Cancer (25–31 May 2023), and the first anniversary of the release of the Cancer Prevention Europe multilingual online learning programme and evaluation, by expanding the Cancer Prevention Europe learning offering with four additional languages: German, Hungarian, Polish, and Spanish.

This expanded choice of e-learning modules from Cancer Prevention Europe and the IARC Learning portal will enable millions of people to access the modules and take the certification assessment in their first language. This multilingual programme is designed to meet the information needs of cancer prevention promoters and advocates.

The programme consists of two sets of freely available self-paced online learning modules. The first (on the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition) is a certified set of 13 modules, including 12 modules on each of the recommendations in the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition and 1 module on the underlying methodology. The second set (Latest evidence on cancer prevention, myths, and controversies) of 12 modules presents the latest evidence and tackles myths and controversies related to the topics addressed by the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition.

All modules in the programme can be completed free of charge, and they are designed for compatibility with a wide range of smart devices. 

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Access the Cancer Prevention Europe Learning Centre

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Visit the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition website

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